PKD Had Philip. K.Dick’s personal journals seen the light of day while he was alive, it would’ve been the last straw.  Near the end, even his well wishers must have believed he was unraveling after decades of substance abuse.  Dick would’ve spent his last days in in an asylum, looking like this for sure.

But you, reader, who  probably found this post by googling your deity– who you probably google once a week anyway– must be wondering  why I twaddle and waste your time with things you already know. Well, sorry to disappoint. This isn’t really about Philip K Dick, but about one of the least controversial concepts grappled in his journals, and in late novels like VALIS: that we may actually be moving backwards in time.

Please watch the following video first.

If you lasted till the end, you’re likely  wondering what the hell just happened, whether you’re dreaming and what not.  It’s been circulating online for some time and the experimenter recently  posted  an ‘explanation’.

“The effect that you are seeing can’t be seen with the naked eye. The effect only works through the camera.” Or a strobe light, the post points out.

After the initial confoundment passes, the philosophical implications become a bit more obvious.  Specifically, a thought experiment attributed to Einstein when still a teenager – where he visualized what it would be like to ‘catch up’  with light.

Light would be stationary.

And what happens if the observer exceeds light speed? The light wave appears to recede.  And the impressions carried to the observer’s eye by the light starts reversing. That is, time appears to move backwards.

But  special relativity never actually prohibited this, contrary to popular assumption.  It would just mean that causes don’t necessarily have to appear before effects. That cause-effects together form a whole and the order is not important.

A popular example in physics is the shooter and his/her relation to the bullet/victim. If an observer of the shooting exceeds light speed while passing, they see the victim get shot before the bullet is fired.  (Philip K Dick would probably have argued that in purely philosophical terms, there was nothing wrong with this. In that it is no different than an image projected onto the retina which is upside down, but still perceived by the brain as ‘straight’)

The beauty of the Water and Sound experiment is in how simply it ‘proves’ Einstein’s original thought experiment. The camera is 24 FPS, meaning it sends 24 photographs to your eye per second. The camera’s ‘blink rate’  does not change.  When the sine waves produced by the tone generating software (which is creating the pulsations of sound on the speaker, which in turn ‘vibrates’ the water) ‘blinks’ at the same rate as the camera, the water droplets appear stationary and suspended in space.  This is catching up with light speed.

When the tone generator falls behind the camera’s blink rate, to 23 pulsations per second, the observer(camera) has exceeded light speed and time seems to move backwards.

But this isn’t actually happening you say. Without the camera, nothing strange happens…

What I learned from this experiment was not to treat light and sound as completely separate. It may seem that an infinitely undulating rope (light) and an infinitely long inflating/deflating accordion(sound) are completely different. But they are both vibrations.  Both have highs and lows. And it is possible for them to intersect as they do here. The implications of this experiment is that the universe itself maybe ‘blinking’ but too fast for us to perceive, so we see the universe as it is. If we were to catch up with the universe’s blink rate, we would see all time as stationary and all events as navigable, arranged in the same way as the ‘stationary’ water.

Here’s another video that’s been around.

An example of how matter can be made to ‘self organize’. Notice how the sand organizes into specific geometric arrangements only at specific frequencies, and nothing  in between. There is no gradual build up for rearrangement. (Not so different from glass shattering only at a specific, signature frequency)

Where am I going with all this?

Now that it’s proven that DNA arranges itself in fractals…what if its molecules self-organized following principles similar to the sand, except in three dimensions. What if these ideal frequencies could be uncovered?

What if our perception of time is reflected within our DNA in the form of aging? What if imperfections creep into the musical notes (frequencies)? If we knew the frequencies, shouldn’t it be possible to correct them? Reversal of agins is after all, the most tangible form of time moving backwards…

Now someone just needs to find these frequencies. I wonder how many decades that will be.


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